Friday, April 16, 2010


Hello Nobody!!! Update I have found a person who is probably more of a fan of Journey/Steve Perry than I could ever be!! SVB. I'll give you the link to her blog. If nobody is interested! Also she is awesome, nice, and funny! Anyways Journey is planned to have an album out this year. Whoopy!! I'm not wanting to dis them but some of their new stuff is not up to the Journey standers.Arnel Pineda is pretty good but of course I rather see Steve and the band. Why does the fuckin stone have to be cracked!!?? Can't we just get some super glue and forget about the whole trouble that happened? Well Neal Schon is to much of a.. never mind. If you don't know what the stone is cracked deal is just watch Journey behind the music. Its very good but they only go up to Steve Augeri since it was done in 2001 or so. Really doesn't talk about Departure but it might be on the directors cut which I can't get hold!! Pissed about that! In other news where the fuck is the album Steve Perry will be coming out with?? He said he was recording and after and interview with CBC Radio program Q (Canada) the guy said that Steve would be coming out with a new album! Lies!!! I hope it's coming out but I have nothing to prove it is or that an album will ever come out! In other news Sarah Slivermen said Steve Perry said to her that she tells the nest N word jokes. THAT IS SHIT!! The Voice would never say such a thing!!!!!! I won't say much more because all you need to know is she is talking shit! Well im tired