Monday, November 29, 2010

Well Hello

Its been a very long time! Sorry I have been immensely busy. School and life has worn me down and I have had no time to write. First I would like to address John Lennon. I wish him a very late 70th birthday.Though I wasn't born when he was killed or when he was doing his solo stuff or with the Beatles his music is amazing and wonderful. His death is only marked by tragedy. The world misses him very much and I....WE all wish he was still alive and well singing for us and making more amazing music! We love you John and always will. Next George Harrison died 9 years ago today. He was amazing and truly talented.His music was tastefully written. Here comes the sun is probably my favorite songs of all time. Very sad when he died I was quite young and had no idea.Just another tragedy in the band. Not as great as John Lennon's death mostly because his was unexpected but still horribly sad. R.I.P peace and love thank you for your amazing music and we love you.Sigh im making myself sad. Very unfortunate. Oy sooo sad. Well that's really all this post is dedicated in their honor thank you both again for your amazing music we love you and always will. Thank you!