Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Bangles

The Bangles were four California girls who dreamed of being the Beatles. They were an all girl, all American garage band with a great chemistry on stage and off. The Bangles started in the Peterson's family garage in California's San Fernando Valley. Though most girls wanted to date rocks stars the Peterson sisters, Vicki and Debbi wanted to be rock stars. Susannah Hoffs answered a news paper ad for a female guitarist (which was posted by Vicki and Debbi.) Then a few weeks later Debbi and Vicki went down to Susannah's house and lied down the foundation for a real band. The girls recruited Annette Zilinskas for base and the girls started playing small clubs under the name of the Bangs. They saved up and recorded a single and set out to get it played. When it finally got played it caught the attention of Miles Copeland and the band signed with him. He had them recorded five songs for an album but before the album's release a New Jersey band with the same name threaten to sue the band. The girls quickly changed their name to the Bangles to avoid trouble. They released their first album and in 1982 they set out for their first tour. They opened up for the English Beat which was a gentle sailing ship. NOT!!!!!!!!!! The crowd threw carp at them and gave them the finger during their set. But they survived and after their tour they signed with Columbia. But Annette left the band to join her boyfriend's band.(BIG MISTAKE) The girls found their news bassist from the all girl band The Runaways and started to work on their first album with Columbia. They released "All Over The Place," in 1984. The album became wasn't commercially successful but it did produced two singles and the Bangles released a big string of hits throughout the 80s. Like "Hero Takes a Fall, Going Down to Liverpool, Manic Monday, If She Knew What She Wants, Walk Like an Egyptian, Walking Down Your Street and Hazy Shade of Winter." But friction started up due to the press singling out Susannah Hoffs as the lead singer because she was lead vocals on many of the singles the band produced. The firing of their manger, Miles Copeland also contributed to their problems. They also couldn't confront each other about the deterioration of the band. So in 1989 they disbanded. It wouldn't be until 2000 they got together and they released Doll Revolution in 2003. They haven't put out any new albums since (WHY?? they're a great band put out another album!!!) But they have been touring. And I missed them!! Carp. Anyways they have great songs and Vicki Peterson can play that guitar sooo great. And her sister Debbi can play those drums awesomely. They kick ass and they show girls can carry tune better than guys. Also I have Walk like an Egyptian stuck in my head and I wanna dance when I hear it. And the guitar part in Hazy Shade of Winter is soooooooooooooo awesome! I have to learn it. Well that's it pics and the video for Hazy Shade of Winter and Walk like an Egyptian will be posted.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ladies of the 80s

Mattel had come out with a new line of Barbie dolls. The range is aimed primarily at collectors. The dolls are modeled after Cyndi Lauper, Deborah Harry, and Joan Jett. The Cyndi doll's hair looks nothing like hers back then. But with Cyndi's hair back then it would be hard but still try because it wasn't that long or put up like that either. Well that's it. Oh if you want one of these dolls dig in your wallet for 40 or 30 bucks.


OK Blondie mania!! I will provided link to wiki because there is a lot to write about Blondie's history. Blondie apparently will come out with a new album in titled, "Panic of Girls." I'm up for that! Debbie still sounds great. I'm not so sure about beauty though. In some pics she looks good others its really different. But you know when you get up there and rock star life takes a toll. It'll be intersecting to hear her without a crowd in the background. The album will be released in September 2010. Now Parallel Lines. Great album right? It has "Hanging on the Telephone,One Way or Another,Picture This,Sunday Girl, and Heart of Glass. The only thing is some wimps over at BBC didn't like the expression "pain in the ass." They changed the the lyric to heart of glass. STUPID!! I can picture some one saying, "OH MY GOD THEY JUST SAID ASS!! HORRIBLE KILL THEM. WITCH HUNT!!!" And even worse in Australia the song was banned from radio. What The Fudge?? Are u serious?? Uggh I give up. Well that's it. Pics will be posted and one is the cover for Panic of Girls. (looks like Anime right??)

A Pissed Perry and a Probably Drunk Neal Schon

I found a clip from a documentary they did on Journey in 1983 called, "Frontiers and Beyond." The set up is the band was on stage playing and some guy throws a beer bottle and it hits Neal Schon's ear. Now Neal Schon is a really good guitar playing but he's a bit of a D-bag. So it ends up being funny to me. Anyways he is bleeding and Steve Perry gets all upset or as the people in the control room said pissed. He starts yelling (which is funny) and the bleeps in the video really suck do you can totally tell he said the F word. Now see friends best friends. Well before the whole stupid stone cracked. I bet if someone showed them the clip they would have to be a little touched or just laugh. Next is at HWOF where Neal Schon told reporters about the 2005 carnation of Journey and said we're coming out with a new album and going on tour this summer and maybe we can get Steve out there with us. What the F!!! You hate this guy. So he was probably drunk. But of course it never happened. Maybe he said that for more ticket sales and publicity. Well have fun watching a Pissed Perry and a Probably Drunk Neal Schon.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Move Over Kate Gosselin!!!

Yes Cyndi Lauper will be showing off her true colors in a reality TV show. The show will be about her day to day life with her family. Lauper said the show will focus on
"the comedy of our lives.” The date this will air or what station it will be on has not been announced. I had no idea this was coming. I love Cyndi but we definitely saw her ugly side in the the Celebrity Apprentice but then again we saw Holly Robinson Peete's ugly side all around!! I just hope Cyndi doesn't end up looking like some crazy evil lady. Who knows? It will be interesting though to see her live with her family. Next topic. Is it just me or is Girls Just Wanna have Fun amazingly powerful and awesome. When ever I hear it I just wanna jump up, dance, and sing along. One day I just wanna get all of my friends dress up crazy and turn on the song and dance along. But my friends will probably never go for it, they think I'm crazy for loving 70s and 80s music so much. Well look at for Cyndi because she will be taking over your TV soon!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Queen Of Rock And Roll: Pat Benatar

Pat Benatar time! Ok!! If you look at my profile I say my favorite book is, "Between a Heart and a Rock Place." That is her memoir which I read in only FIVE days!! Amazing right!! I'm a Wunderkind!! Anyways the book rocks and Pat rocks. I would write history but my fingers hurt so I'll give a link to wicked wiki as my teacher calls it. No questions about that one. Pat is going on her 13th summer tour in a row. The tour features her and Reo SpeedWagon. And a Australian tour with the Bangles will happen. I again will not be able to see Pat which SUCKS EGGS!!!!!!!! On to the next subject: radio play. All I ever hear on the radio of Pat's is, "Heartbreaker and Hit Me With Your Best Shot." My rebuttal Pat was the Queen of the 80s!!! And Queen of Rock and Roll!! She showed everyone women can rock harder than guys. (But remember there were other women before like HEART!!) Changing subject real quick. Everybody says Pat Benatar was the women who broke into the boys club. Heart was there way before! I'm not dising Pat but I want more respect for Heart. Anyways give Pat more air play. And different songs. Like, "You Better Run, Treat Me Right, Love is a Battlefield, invincible, (which is an really awesome song)Shadows of the Night, and Promises In the Dark. Come on people!! Next topic Pat should really come out with a new album. Its been soooooo long. Pat still has a great voice and she and her husband can write! Well that's all I have to say. Pics of 80s Benatar and Present Benatar will be posted.


Cyndi Lauper

Ok I just talked about Heart now its............................. Sorry flipping a quarter and it is.......Cyndi Lauper!!! And the fake crowd goes wild!! So history first! And my history starts when their first album came out. On October 14, 1983, She's So Unusual was released and became a worldwide hit!! Though Lauper knew how to write the record company already had songs ready for her to record. But she did alter a lot of the songs that came her way. The singles off the album were "Girls Just Want to Have Fun, Time after Time,She Bop, All Through the Night, Money Changes Everything,I'll Kiss You, and When You Were Mine. Time after Time was number one on the Billboard 100 and adult contemporary charts. She co wrote the song with Rob Hyman. Then in September 27, 1986 she released, "True Colors." Though she didn't write the title track her passion in singing it helped it even more to reach number one. (My opinion though.) The singles from the album were,"True Colors,Change of Heart,What's Going On,Boy Blue, and Maybe He'll Know. But after the album's release she and long time boyfriend David Wolf broke up and Lauper's next album, "A Night To Remember," failed because now the people who helped her were all gone and some guy was there yelling at her. So she stepped out of the music business. But since her marriage to her husband, David Thornton she has returned to the music business. She just released Memphis Blues. It became the number one Blues album in the nation.I've probably listen to Time after Time, Girls Just Want To Have Fun, and True Colors 100 times each in two days. Time After Time is an amazing song, heartfelt, and beautifully sung.Girls Want to Have Fun is an anthem for all women,dancetastic, and awesome. True Colors is heartfelt, true, and tear jerking. Four pics will be posted two of 80s Lauper and two of Present day Lauper. And two videos will be posted. A new song in titled "I'm Just Your Fool and an old fav Girls Just Want To Have Fun.
P.S Cyndi will be going on tour!! XD


Ann Wilson Rocking a Tattoo?

The title is true!! I was looking at pics of them at 26th Annual ASCAP Pop Music Awards and saw Ann has a tattoo of the flower on her left arm. Maybe people already knew about this and its not new. But new to me. Its not a big deal, I just was surprised because I hadn't seen it before this picture. And I don't think tattoo are stupid or evil just surprised! Ann keep on Rocking!!!!! And a pic of the tattoo will be posted. (If anyone cares)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Hello!! Lets talk about Heart! A band fronted by two sisters, Ann and Nancy Wilson. From 1976-1983 they band produced rock and roll hits. Then in 1985 when their self titled album, Heart was released they fall into the a pit. They didn't write their songs because the record company had sure fire hits ready for them to play. Ann's weight became a big issue and Nancy became a "body." After their 1990 album was released they took a much needed break and returned to their hard rock roots. They have been rocking hard after the 80s drama since their 1993 album, "Desire Walks On." They also started a new group called, "the Lovemongers." Which bought them liberation and happiness. They are on tour right now (as Heart) and plan to have a new album in titled, "Red Velvet Car." I can't wait for the album to come out. Unfortunately I cant see them on tour but I will be getting their new album on TUESDAY AUGUST 31!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DON'T FORGET THAT DATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Ann happy birthday!! Though Ann's birthday was like 3 months ago. And Listen to hey you a new Heart song from their New album!!!!!! I love the song. Also Three pics will be posted of the girls one from the 70s, 80s, and present. Look at for my next story about Ann!!!!