Thursday, March 11, 2010


Well this is my first post. I LOVE JOURNEY! I can name all of the albums,when they came out, all of the members, and most of the songs on the albums. Though you might disagree I think Steve Perry was the best lead singer for Journey! He is in my book the best singer ever! You can disagree. I NEVER got to see Journey with Steve Perry!!! I wish I could have! If you've been to a Journey concert in the 70's or 80's please tell me! Those times seem to be the best. I would have loved to be around at that time. Also if you've been to any concert of Journey's please tell me! Also I love the classic Journey.That means Steve Perry, Neal Schon, Jonathan Cain, Ross Valory, and Steve Smith. And I want to know all of your stories. Well that's about it. Please post! Also here are two videos. Steve Perry's Oh Sherrie and Journey Don't Stop Believin.
Journey Girl